Basel watch exhibition in 2012 – the Rolex superb watchmaking process, the Rolex watch escapement art

Posted by Lawrence - November 26th, 2015

2The Swiss Basel sample fair isone of the largest high end replica watches and jewelry market in the world, which can be traced back to the first Mustermesse Basel Schweizer (MUBA) in 1917. Today, Basel jewelry exhibition has become a grand gathering of the jewelry industry. The total area of the exhibition is about 160000 square meters, each year more than 2000 exhibitors, nearly 100000 professional audience buyers and nearly 2500 international media. According to the organizers of the introduction, only the mainland of China, there are nearly 3000 professional buyers to visit Basel, enough to see the Chinese jewelry and watch industry for Basel exhibition attention.


The Swiss Watch Industry Federation was formally established in November 1982. The headquarters is located in Switzerland, Bill. Switzerland is the most influential industry association of watches and clocks. The association has about 500 members, covering more than 90% Swiss watch manufacturers.Association for the development of the Swiss watch industry, for its members to establish a stable and lasting effective communication platform for the realization of common interests. On behalf of the Swiss watch industry and Switzerland and the international government and economic organizations active communication, participation in domestic and international laws and regulations, through legal procedures to protect the interests of all members, in order to achieve the purpose of integration of watches industry resources optimization.The Basel, Switzerland, known as the “luxury of Oscar”, is the world’s watch industry event.

2012 Basel watch exhibition the superb technology of rolex submariner replica watches. The escapement of Rolex is very good. Loosen the screws on both sides of a small device. The whole group will be able to shape the escapement auxiliary substrate to eccentric down, easy repair. Because of this part is easilydamaged. Repair is that is to change or is still in the past Rolex factory repair. If it is the latter, it would be very small.


On the first day of the day, the watch is marked with a six position correction, and the electronic test instrument has six directions of accuracy. In the days that followed. While carrying the gold in the observatory competitions get high scores of Tourbillon pocket watch, for comparison. The results, 7 days are very good. Completely,it is without adjusting the pointer. Rolex production process is very high.

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